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Who is he?

He is Vimlesh Kumar Kanaujiya, a researcher, programmer, engineering enthusiast, and intuitive philosopher

What does he do?

He discusses about Internet Research, Anthroposophy, Influencing, Webmastering, and some useful techniques or you can say hacks utilized in daily lives.

What does he like most while doing these things?

He likes those things that could bring love to his readers who spend their time on visiting Pageversity.

Who motivates him?

All those people who at least have humble beginning for their curiosity

How does he make things happen?

He is so workaholic that when he gets something, then deliver desirous results. It is a pseudonym of something when we talk about the work which was impossible, but the reason is that we did not give our full experience to it. That's why most of us, regret something that has not been done just because of the impossibleness of something. He thinks, before giving his expertise to something, first positive thinking matters.

That's why he gets compensated